What We Are About

Rooted is a community of faith people coming together to grow, process and mobilize during our current times. As a collective, we seek to bring a prophetic voice to the justice issues affecting our communities and our nation. While we come from a rich history of Christian traditions and denominations, we are a non-denominational, non-partisan group that lets non-essentials be non-essentials. We seek unity, reconciliation, love rooted action. 


Rooted hopes for a place where we encounter each other to restore wrongs, fight injustice, demonstrate love and untangle dominant culture from Christianity while moving towards meaningful action. We seek to become an incubator of thought and practice that can be replicated by other faith communities nationwide. We aspire to have a liberatory framework as a fundamental character component from the heart of God for His kingdom on earth and to use that lens for social justice and advocacy. 


  • To develop a critical mass of leaders that begins to change the tide of what equity looks like in our faith communities today.

  • To tell counterstories of those living at intersections often void of faith and justice.

  • To create a platform to elevate the voices of the unheard, giving up our seats with generous hearts.

  • To provide leadership development opportunities for emerging and blooming faith leaders from underserved and underrepresented intersectionalities and communities.

  • To foster educational programs and conversations about issues of faith and equity in the broader Christian community.

  • To provide advocacy and service opportunities for faith communities in the city.

  • To provide healing, equity and movement building spaces for intergenerational (youth, elders, families, singles, children) and diverse groups .


  1. We believe there is a role for people of faith in activism within our communities and the nation. We are not partisan or uniform in our beliefs and choose to use our voices and positionality to call out structural power issues of justice wherever they may lie through solidarity in Christ.

  2. We value investing in developing leaders from underserved and underrepresented intersectionalities and communities.

  3. We value investing in the development of allies that will help in the fight against injustice.

  4. We value critical faith education as a tool that can illuminate our hearts and minds, grow our faith and equip us to act with love towards our communities and ourselves in a sustainable way.

  5. We believe that reconciliation cannot be done in isolation; it must take place in community. We value a constituency of people of faith from diverse intersectionalities and walks of life. We believe all, including artists, athletes, veterans, poets, graphic artists, pastors, stay at home parents, youth, children, entrepreneurs, community organizers and everyday people, hold a piece to the puzzle of reconciliation.

  6. We believe in the church (universal).

Theological Statement

We seek to examine issues of faith through a lens of inclusive theology where love becomes greater than our differences. Our conversations seek to get past uniformity of belief and arrive at a space of unity. At a basic level the Rooted Collective believes that Nicene and Apostles creed to be a healthy starting point.