how you can help

The Invitation:


Rooted is a community of faith people coming together to grow, process and mobilize during our current times. As a collective, we seek to bring a prophetic voice to the justice issues affecting our communities and our nation. While we come from a rich history of Christian traditions and denominations, we are a non-denominational, non-partisan group that lets non-essentials be non-essentials.


As a group of believers we seek to honor Jesus by dialoguing, learning and living out the conclusions we arrive to in a united, non-uniform loving way. This leads us to have conversations that are not easy and require a great deal of honesty, humility and grace for one another and within ourselves.


We actively and imperfectly pursue unity, reconciliation, healing and love.


At the Rooted Collective we welcome those at every stage of their spiritual walk to join us in the journey.  


Rooted is currently in its launch phase and your support is key to make it a reality!


Current opportunities:

  • Volunteer: we are currently looking for videographers and editors, attorneys, social media gurus, illustrators, grant writers and dreamers. Shoot us an email!

  • Host a Conversation: this is the Bay Area, whether it is a backyard, a reserved alley with chairs or an auditorium the revolution will be televised in whatever space is available!

  • Donate: we would love for your to help us fund the amazing task at hand!