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Rooted Consulting


Rooted Collective staff and our associates are equipped and available to support your groups with many of your needs.

  • Group and program facilitation: we can support your group in creating a setting conducive to productive conversations as well as suggest fresh voices to engage in the process.

  • Discussions on equity, diversity and inclusion: we will provide you with terminology, frameworks and activities to dive into biblical ways of engaging on the subject and meet your group where they are and move to where they hope to be.

  • Equity + Diversity and Inclusion Congregational and Community Assessments:

    • In the same way that you bring in an auditor to look at your books, we need to bring people with knowledge and tools to facilitate this process in our congregations and communities when it comes to assessing this issues. Using tools developed in-house, we use research and best practices to engage in evaluating areas present, omitted and surrounding while striving to create a constructive report for all those involved.

  • Targeted Workshops: we have developed an array of curriculum for families, youth, allies, general groups that can be tailored to your group and allotted to fit your needs. This is an ongoing labor of love for us!

  • Sunday Morning Teaching: from special celebrations to a regular Sunday, we are able to provide support for your group.

  • Consulting on special projects: We are available to support your group’s project. Anything from starting a Justice Ministry with your Congregation, pros and cons of different models, and strategy development for faith communities.


Rooted Collective is in process of incorporating as a 501c3 non-profit. All rights to intellectual content belong to Rooted Collective. 


E: info@rootedcfa.com

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