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    Our signature program. This is at the heart of what we do, starting Spring 2019. We hope to start our first Rooted Leadership cohort. Our focus is to provide development opportunities for people of color, minorities and underrepresented intersectionalities within our faith communities to grow within their own faith settings and congregations.


Our application criteria will be out Winter 2018, but trust us, you’re going to want to see it.


We help mobilize people of faith to engage in topics relevant to our communities like immigration, displacement and gentrification, economic disparity, industrial prison complex, empty pews and more. Sacred activism will seek to engage our spiritual lens with the counterstories happening in our communities that don’t often get heard. In activism we will reclaim spaces, practice solidarity, grow in allyship and show our love in tangible ways to others.


Our immersion city trips and tours are about presenting the city in a way that people that meet Jesus through the other in service, fellowship, storytelling and counterstorytelling in the fabric of the city. While they naturally occur in the summer, we also offer uniquely tailored opportunities to groups with three months in advance.


This is an opportunity to hear from local and up and coming national leaders about justice and equity topics through the faith lens. Music, art, panels of scholars and activists getting together under one roof to learn from each other and organize.


The first conference will take place in late Spring-early summer 2019 in San Francisco.


The gatherings are a place for activists, artists, pastors and community members to come together and learn from each other and deepen in intentional relationships. At Rooted we believe the best way to broaden our minds on difficult issues is to spend time in real relationship with people you may otherwise not come into contact with on a regular basis.


This is a space for audacious dialogue with some of the most exciting up and coming diverse leaders from our communities and the nation. We will expose and deconstruct pressings issues from our faith local communities. The events will take place quarterly and cover a host of topics.



Rooted Collective is in process of incorporating as a 501c3 non-profit. All rights to intellectual content belong to Rooted Collective. 


E: info@rootedcfa.com

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